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No credit card required. No strings attached.


Monthly costs


All plans include

  • Unlimited number of email notifications
  • Unlimited number of subscriptions
  • Our dedicated personal email support
  • 30-day refund policy if you are not happy. No questions asked.

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens if I exceed the subscriber limit?

    If it looks like you will soon exceed the subscriber limit we will send you a heads up with the option to upgrade to another plan. Once you exceed the limit the widget will no longer display on your website. That's it - no excess fees. Notifications to existing subscribers will, of course, still be sent.

  • What means of payment do you accept?

    You can pay via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

  • What do you mean by subscribers?

    Once you have integrated the Followistic widget on your website, it allows visitors to subscribe to topics, authors and categories using their email address. Each email address that has been confirmed via double opt-in counts as a single subscriber. Every plan has a maximum number of these subscribers.

  • What is the billing period?

    The billing period is monthly and you can cancel, up- or downgrade at any time. There are no cancellation fees or any other strings attached.

  • What do you mean by unlimited number of email notifications and subscriptions?

    Each and every one of your subscribers can subscribe to as many topics, authors and categories as desired. The number of subscriptions per individual subscriber is unlimited. Likewise, the number of email notifications we send. Unlimited really means unlimited.