Listen to your readers

Spare yourself from guesswork. Let them tell you what they want.

Subscription widget

Our fully customizable, multi-language interface blends right in with your brand. With just one click, your visitors can subscribe their favorite topics and authors on your site. Integrate via Wordpress plugin, universal code or API.

Reader dashboard

Let your users set the frequency of notifications, select new topics to follow and unsubscribe from existing alerts - all from within their personal dashboard.

Reader engagement

Give your readers a voice and enable them to personalize their reading. Listen to that they say and build lasting relationships with each one of them.

Reach your readers

Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time - effortlessly.

White Label Notifications

We notify your readers everytime you publish a new article on their subscribed topics. At the moment they choose. Unlimited times, and with zero effort for you. User choice ensures immediate relevance.

Automated delivery engine

Our notification system is fully automated and ensures double opt-in, anti-spam optimization, unsubscribe functionality and social media support. Notifications are fully responsive and customizable to your brand`s look and feel.

Optimal brand exposure

Knock only when you`re invited and you`ll always be welcome. Followistic reduces churn and ensures more positive (and more frequent) interactions. Stay top-of-mind for all the right reasons. Good will and good vibes.

Understand your readers

Stay connected, learn, rinse and repeat.

Publisher dashboard

Get real-time reporting on key metrics: notifications (numbers, open & click-through rates); users (numbers, email addresses); subscribed topics (numbers, recents, popular), and content (numbers, recents, popular). All in one place.

Behavioural analytics

Track content performance and understand your readers’ behaviour and preferences. Learn how many visitors arrived via notifications, how many signed up, and more - in full compliance with GDPR.

Reader centric publishing

Listen to what they say, then learn from what they do. Then get even deeper insights by comparing the two. Make accurate predictions and build your successful content strategy.

Let us handle the boring bits while you create great content

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